slices of life from the west coast


this goes out to all you haters who have been spreading rumors that i have not been dating a covergirl and faked the entire thing (**cough** caissie **cough**)

the photo should be on the cover in nov/dec.

in other news stuff is going well out here, i'm working on a very exciting project at work and just got back from a great vacation in st martin with stina (barely getting back into the country). look for photos to appear on flickr soon.


in other recent photo news stina and I were invited out to a demo derby with maggi and jeff for july 4th. it was mad fun consiting of: demolition racing, figure-eight racing, school bus figure-eight racing, roll-over competition, jumping a school bus over a boat and some bikes, boat racing (they chain a boat to the back of the car and race in a figure eight), and 3 car chain figure eight racing. oh and a classic demolition derby. things to take away from this event: outside of the city things pretty much immediately turn to support our troops, figure 8 racing is safer than you would think, for only $200 you can buy and race a car in a demo derby.

there's photos available here


the last 7 months

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in case you've been wondering why my posting since january has really died off, here's a picture of my girlfriend stina who's been keeping me busy.

that's right i'm dating a covergirl


anyone want to go to chicago to see the intonation festival?


so what's happened over the last week?

DSC00426.JPGnot alot except that I did manage to capture a photo that goyer has requested be banned from the web. i'm not one to respect publication bans so until goyer gets his lawyer(s) on me you can check ming, matt, and I dressed up in horrible 80's costumes for dan's party. a couple of lessons from the 80s party: zima + pop rocks produces an explosion to rival any baking soda + vinegar volcano, jeans can be so tight they explode. i think the saddest part of the night came when i went out to chapel after the party and people didn't even realize i was in costume. apparantely stock in my fashion sense is quite low these days.

i've also started growing wheat outside of my window in my apartment. you may be wondering how I could grow wheat outside of my window, the answer is (obviously) by blocking off the fire escape with a giant plastic tub filled with soil and seeds. i figure this transgression is fairly minor given that people escaping from fire via our fire escape were already doomed before i started growing wheat out there. there's two primary methods of death/injury when trying to escape via the fire escape. first there's the collection of empty propane cylinders that sit outside of another of our windows waiting to trip up escapees worse than anything donkey kong ever did to mario. than if you manage to make it by the strategically placed pile of cylinders there's still the matter of the absence of a ladder for the final one story drop onto un-even concrete/rocks.

morality of gardening on your fire escape aside i'll keep you guys updated on the progress of the wheat. because i know you're interested.


I came across this link while looking at a friend's blog who is still at waterloo. it's soooo funny but still so waterloo, i've only watched the google boy video so far but it roxorz.


bleh, the q and not u concert got cancelled tonight for reasons unknown.

instead i've sat at home drinking and watching futurama. which don't get me wrong is pretty good, but is no concert.

finally got around to buying plane tickets to vegas last weekend. should be down there from June 2-5, friends who enjoy buffets, booze, gambling and strippers should tag along.